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About us

The secret to creamy, delicious ice cream is rapid freezing. The faster the ice cream is frozen, the fewer ice crystals can form, and the creamier the concoction.

Here in “N Gelato”, we use liquid nitrogen to freeze our ice cream. Liquid nitrogen boils at negative 321o F (which freezes ice cream instantly). Our ice cream is truly made-to-order and tastes much creamier and fresher than traditional ice cream. Pick one of our six delicious creations, and we will make the perfect confection right in front of your eyes.

‘Have a sweet tooth but worried about your calorie-count? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Try our unique and healthy frozen yogurt ice cream. Our soft-serve frozen yogurts are sourced from local dairies, and made with fresh fruit, herbs, and obscure ingredients that we stumble across. You can even mix in your favorite toppings. We will mix your favorite combination on a cold stone and “pan-fry” it in front of you.

We also have lots of delicious drinks – each made from scratch.